From my earliest years I have been interested in seeing and in beauty. Even at University I was committed to the art of the old masters.
As soon as I committed to a career in Fine Arts, I started to work with attractive models. It is my belief that every artist is continually expressing that which he or she loves most, and that every painting is an expression of who we are. It is beauty in general which drives me, often a dark moody beauty. I see as much beauty in a rainbow or a thunderstorm or a wagtail as in a mood-shattered girl, and I paint them with equal infatuation. Around 1976, I was introduced to the glory of the dance, that synthesis of movement, music and beautiful bodies. I spent every minute at the ballet, drawing, painting, and even choreographing.
In 1982, I went back to Paris as an "etudiant libre" at the Beaux Arts. Now, back in Cape Town, I have a great life and great models, but my heart is still torn between home and the glories of Paris and Venice, where I go to paint annually.
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