I usually find the inspiration within myself. If objects are used in a painting they are found in numerous sketches I have done and from photos. In that way I have established a painterly language . I like to scratch and draw in the paint and from my printing collagraphs I have developed a liking for texture which is achieved by working in layers, like the layers of the human psyche. Color is often used in a symbolic way. I hardly ever use primary colors as one of the pleasures in painting is mixing the colors and find a harmonious balance in composition and color. Choice of color is often inspired by nature and having grown up in Sweden the palette often becomes more restricted. The African bush has also a similar influence.
I have done life drawing for many years which I really enjoy. I also enjoy the printing medium which I would love to explore more
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  If I was a writer I could write you a book about it but I have chosen The visual art in which to express myself. I have studied different religions and philosophies and the pagan myths, Jung is one of my favorite reads. Andre Brink and Alan Paton who was a friend of Jung. I love music and I meditate. My dreams are often a source of inspiration. As is nature.

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